Nicpack Nicotine Pillow Pack E-Juice

NicPack Nicotine Pillow Pack


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Nic Pack™ Nicotine Pillow Packs™ Patented Proven System used for converting non-Nicotine E-Juice and Drip Juice to Nicotine E-Juice and Drip Juice of varying Nicotine levels with ease, safety, and cost effectiveness.

  • The Patent pending system uses one full Nic Pack PER ejuice bottle.
  • Compatible with ALL E-Juice or Drip-Juice bottle sizes from 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml bottles, this keeps cost low and consistent.
  • GMP complaint: Nic Pack™ Nicotine Pillow Packs™ are packaged in FDA registered facilities and under Good Manufacturing practices.
  • Nic Pack™ Systems are Vegetable Glycerine base which carries a much lesser chance of allergic reaction in comparison to Propylene glycol. Designed to be used with VG or VG/PG E-Juice or Drip-Juice. This means the usage of Nic Pack™ Nicotine Pillow Packs™ have zero increase of allergic exposure vs the non use of this product.

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