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What is OPMS Liquid Kratom?

OPMS is a Kratom company that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most trusted kratom vendors that offer several kratom strains for sale.

Just like ‘Buy kratom Bulk USA’, OPMS (Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions) has also managed to attract a wide audience and customer-base in a short period. This is particularly due to the bold claims of satisfaction and quality. Quite frankly, OPMS happens to deliver great quality.

One of their most sought out products is OPMS Liquid Kratom which is a high-quality kratom extract. This extract is more or less, a reflection of great quality control and modern sciences. To produce the OPMS Liquid Kratom extract, the company makes use of a patented process. Hence, you would not find a similar product elsewhere. This is what makes it highly unique.

Often, alcohol is used in the making of kratom extracts. However, OPMS does not use any alcohol in this liquid kratom’s development. Rather, the research and design team at OPMS have made a patented extraction method via distilled water.

According to the company, their patented method allows them to retain the alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in pure form. This makes the OPMS Liquid Kratom the purest kratom extract in the m

OPMS Extract

arket. It is a full-spectrum extract that is high in quality and rich in alkaloids.

While OPMS is specifically famous for its kratom extracts, people prefer to buy kratom bulk and capsules from wholesalers such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’. There are many reasons for this, but the major one is a lower bulk price. What does the OPMS Liquid Kratom Contain?

Like most of the Kratom extracts, the OPMS Liquid Kratom contains a blend of Maeng Da Kratom strain. Though, the bottle is quite tiny. Based on its size, only 0.6 oz extract would fill in. Fortunately, enough, extracts do not end as quickly as powders do.

Who Should Buy OPMS Liquid Kratom?

Well, strictly speaking, the OPMS Liquid Kratom is mostly preferred by long-time kratom enthusiasts or those who know enough about this herb already. Hence, it is not the best option for new kratom enthusiasts. Still, keeping certain practices/precautions in mind, beginners may also buy it if they want to.

Kratom Extract vs Powders and Capsules

So, what type of kratom is better? When it comes to choices like these, there is a lot of diversity and mixed opinions about kratom enthusiasts. While some of them prefer to buy kratom powders, others prefer capsules. Yet again, some will prefer to buy nothing other than kratom extracts. And lastly, some people buy all three types of kratom (these are also called all-rounders in kratom lingo).OPMS Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts such as OPMS Liquid Kratom are significantly more expensive than kratom powders and capsules. This is primarily because making kratom extract is not easy. Furthermore, it takes at least 10 days for one batch to be ready for packaging and export. The intense labor and extreme quality control measures are what you’re paying extra bucks for.

While kratom powders are also complex since there are many technical aspects involved that a layman can never figure out. However, kratom capsules are rather simple and straightforward, since they contain the very same kratom powder of any strain. The only reason why capsules are slightly more expensive than powders is manual encapsulation takes time and the costs of shells are also covered. Just as an example, White Vein kratom capsules at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ would usually begin at $60 for 250g of capsules. This is quite in line with industry standards.

Where Should You Buy Kratom Extract From?

Well, we always suggest you avoid any third-party vendors. In case you want to buy OPMS Liquid Kratom, make sure that you are either buying directly from the manufacturer or via a wholesale store.

However, Kratom extract is considered an elite product. Since it is expensive and the profit margin is not too high, many vendors simply don’t offer it. To find decent quality kratom extracts, one must reach out to established and professional kratom wholesale stores.

It is highly unlikely though, that you will find a good quality kratom extract at a local headshop or smoke-shop. While these shops do stock kratom powders and capsules, their owners do not have any clue about the products. Hence, these local shops often reinforce customers into making bad buying decisions.

Even if you are willing to buy kratom powders, reach out to wholesale stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’. We have the best kratom for sale, sourced from the top farms in Southeast Asia.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA

However, if you want to stick with the OPMS Liquid Kratom, know that the OPMS brand is a trustworthy one! Hence, in all likelihood, you will end up with a nice product.


We hope that this OPMS Liquid Kratom review helped you out! To find out more about kratom brands, visit out kratom blog today.

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