Stratus Trio Multi Function Pipe Smoke & Store & Dab


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A Power-Packed Trio in One Compact Pipe

  • 3.5" Long
  • Hidden bowl & dab stash
  • Includes Quartz Straw

Smoke, stash, and dab with this single pipe! The Stratus Silicone Trio Pipe is an improved version of Stratus's 2-in-1 Pipe, with a slimmer neck and added storage space. The Trio's body is made of colored silicone and includes two glass accessories: a dry herb bowl hidden under one of the caps and a 10mm quartz straw. This pipe is ideal for smoking herbs, vaping dabs, or both! It has a hole in the front which doubles as both a carb for your herbs and a joint for holding the nectar collector straw.

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