Blackcell Proton 3000Mah Flat Top Battery - 2 Pk Batteries

Blackcell Proton 3000mAh Flat Top Battery - 2 Pk


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The Blackcell Proton18650 high drain rechargeable flat top batteries are designed for especially for vaping and are a favorite among vapor enthusiasts because of their outstanding battery life and performance. The Blackcell Proton 18650 Replacement Battery comes 2 per pack; providing you with two highly versatile, reliable and powerful batteries for your high-powered mods and other vaping systems. Best of all, they are extremely affordable. Every battery is made with durable, long-lasting materials so that you won’t have to replace them every couple of months. This is key for vapers that truly use their device on a daily basis of at least 2-3 times a day.

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