G Pen Elite Vaporizer Kit

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Kit


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The G Pen Elite is a new portable vaporizer for sale made by the popular manufacturer Grenco Science. The G-pen is one hard core vaporizer to own and has always been a top contender for best vape pens in the world. Its the latest generation of portable vaporizers. The G-pen Elite is an amazing looking vaporizer. It comes with all the accessories you need to get it working. The G-Pen elite is a small vaporizer, it is no longer than 5 inches tall and can fit gently in the palm of your hands as the exterior is made out of carbon-polymer heat grade safe plastic. Elite Vaporizer has an adjustable temperature between 200F-428F with a futuristic type of LCD display so you can precisely set your temperature to what you need to set it at in order to have the perfect amount of vaporization.

G Pen Elite Temperature & Heating
The G Pen Elite Vaporizer has an adjustable temperature between 200F-428F and the LCD screen will display the exact temperature any given time and will also display the current battery level so you always have tabs on how much battery power you have left. The Elite uses a ceramic herbal chamber, all glass-on-glass vapor path for you to get the best vaporization possible. The Elite can hit temperature of over 375 degrees Fahrenheit in a little over 25 seconds making the heating very fast with pure vaporization of convection heating power.

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