High Hemp Organic Wraps

High Hemp Organic Wraps


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High Hemp Organic Wraps 25ct


Made from 100% European Hemp and imported from the Netherlands, High Hemp Organic Wraps are sweeping the US market by a storm! Indeed, after you try one of these, you’ll likely never go back to rolling from traditional tobacco leaves. 

Overall, High Hemp Organic Wraps are made from 100% All-Natural ingredients. Therefore, you can say good-bye to GMO, Gluten, Tobacco, Nicotine, Pesticides, and Formulated Fertilizers. Not to mention, these bad boys are Certified Organic, so you know your purchasing more than just a name! 

With that said, make sure to scoop up these one-of-a-kind wraps and start smoking responsibly today. At the moment, we carry all High Hemp Flavors in the 25 Count Box for the lowest price on the online, go ahead and check, we’ll wait for you… don’t worry; we won’t sell out in the meantime, we always keep our supply fully stocked and ready to ship!

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