MODUS HXC Cartridges | 2000MG

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We’re dedicated to creating the most potent and most effective products, and our HXC devices exemplify this. This product is made in a state-of-the-art laboratory according to strict quality standards. We never skimp on quality or cut corners. Our goal is to ensure every MD8 product gives you an extraordinary experience.

Apart from using top-quality hemp extract and extensive testing, this attention to detail extends to the design of the hardware of our HXC devices. These devices are built to heat up to a precise temperature to vaporize the cannabinoid without overheating and burning it. Our HXC disposable vaporizers and cartridges are leak-resistant and will deliver the same consistent performance until the very last puff. 

When shopping for our HXC devices, you can choose from different strains. Here’s a bit of information about what you can expect from each strain. 

  • AK-47: This Sativa-dominant strain is known for its uplifting and euphoric effect. It has a floral, sweet-sour flavor with hints of skunky, earthy, and spicy notes.
  • Electric Lemonade: This Sativa-dominant strain produces a strong euphoric effect. It has a sweet-sour citrus flavor with hints of berries and floral notes.
  • Mochi: This Indica-dominant strain is known for its complex sweet-sour flavor. It has a fruity, berry flavor with minty notes. There are also hints of cream and nuts.
  • OG Pebblez: This Indica-dominant strain is known for its mind-stimulating effect. It has a sweet tropical fruity flavor with notes of berries and citrus. 
  • GMO: This Hybrid strain is known for its unique flavor that surprisingly doesn’t have any pastry notes. It has an earthy, piney, and spicy flavor with notable garlic notes.
  • Trufflez: This Hybrid strain has a highly complex flavor. It has earthy, fruity, caramel, and coffee notes.

What are the Ingredients in MD8 HXC Devices?

Our HXC devices contain three thoughtfully selected ingredients. These are HXC-O, HXC live resin, and HXC-P. Before we delve into what makes these ingredients special, let’s establish a basic understanding of what is HXC. 

HXC is short for hexahydrocannabinol. This cannabinoid, which is also known as HHC, is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis/hemp plant. While HXC is similar to Delta THC, it is also different. It is best described as a hydrogenated form of Delta 9. 

Now, back to the ingredients in our HXC devices. HXC-O stands for hexahydrocannabinol acetate. Just like THC-O, HXC-O is much stronger than HXC. Our HXC live resin is derived from fresh hemp flowers. It is much more potent than other HXC concentrates. Also, the terpene profile is preserved in HXC live resin so it has a stronger flavor. HXC-P, on the other hand, stands for hexahydrocannabiphorol. This cannabinoid is remarkably stronger than Delta 9.

Can HXC Make Me High?

It produces a relaxing and euphoric effect just like Delta 9. The main difference between HXC and other cannabinoids is the fact that it doesn’t have a mind-muddling effect. You can use our HXC devices and still have a clear-headed feeling and enough presence of mind to go about your daily activities. 

Nonetheless, we do not recommend driving or operating any heavy machinery after using our products. Also, HXC devices are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Our products are only available for persons 21 years or above. They are not suitable for children.

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