MODUS Knockout Belend Air THC-O+Delta 8 Live Resin+THC-P Disposables | 2000MG


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MD8 KNOCKOUT: Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT) + THC-O* + DELTA 8 LIVE RESIN + THC-P

At MD8, we are always pushing the bounds of innovation to bring you the very best hemp products. Our Knockout devices are easily the most unique and most powerful knockout products you’ll find on the market today. We spent countless hours researching and testing before we settled on the ingredients used to make our Knockout Blend. 

The ingredients that make our Knockout Blend special include:

  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT): Organic compounds found and extracted from the cannabis plant which make up the unique tastes and scents of the plant. CDT's are fresh extracted for the air device strains.
  • THC-O*: This cannabinoid, which is also known as THC-O-acetate, is similar to delta 9 THC found in the cannabis plant. THC-O It is considered more potent than delta 9 THC and has a stronger effect that packs a punch.
  • Delta 8 Live Resin: is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant. It is very similar to Delta 9 THC, but produces a less intense psychotropic effect. Our Delta 8 live resin is made with fresh hemp flowers. We choose fresh flowers to ensure that the full terpene profile of each strain is preserved.
  • THC-P: Short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol is a cannabinoid that is very similar to Delta 9 THC. However, it is 33 times more potent than Delta 9.

There is a reason why MD8 Knockout Devices have quickly become our #1 seller. The combination of these three ingredients creates a blend that is truly worthy of the name ‘Knockout.’

What to Expect from Each Strain

We understand that the appeal of cannabis and hemp products isn’t just their effects, but also their flavor. That’s why we make our Knockout Blend available with different terpene-specific strains derived from fresh cannabis terpenes. Here’s what you can expect from each strain.

  • Hulk Breath: Sativa Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT).
  • Mac 10: Hybrid Strain  made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT).
  • Kimbo Kush: Indica Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT).

How to Use our Knockout Air Disposable

The Knockout air disposable vaporizers come pre-filled and pre-charged. They’re ready for use the second you take them out of the pack. These devices are not refillable or rechargeable. You need to dispose of them once the concentrate runs out or the battery dies.