Mxjo Batterie 20700 And 21700

MXJO batterie 20700 and 21700


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Battery for electronic vaporizer: MXJO 21700 - 4000 mA - 30A  and 20700-2800mAh 25A

This battery is designed to support low resistances down to 0.2mAh

These MXJO batteries are perfect for power vaping.

Understand the characteristics of a battery:

- mAh (milliampere-hour): This figure represents the capacity of the battery in terms of duration. Batteries with a high mAh will last much longer than lower models before needing to be recharged.

- A (Ampere): This indication informs of the maximum discharge current that a battery can withstand. Depending on the resistance that equips your ecigarette, your battery must be able to respond to the intensity requested to allow the rise in temperature

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