MYA ALBINA Cloisonne Hookah


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The MYA Albina is one of our newest addition to our Hookah collection and it’s perfect to enjoy in a lounge or in the comfort of your own home. It comes in 8 different colors. Your Albina will come packed in a MYA Box with a hose, tongs, bowl, plate, and stem. The MYA Albina is a perfect centerpiece, but also a perfect portable accessory. While we guarantee the durability of our solid glass bases, we also know accidents happen so don’t forget to also purchase your MYA carrying case for safe portability.

If you already own the Albina, you can also purchase an Albina base separately so that you can swap it out and collect all 8 colors!

MYA is a world­-leader in hookah designs and manufacturing. We are committed to making beautiful, functional pieces and providing unrivaled customer service. We have skilled artisans in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East who apply high-standard, patent, and patent-pending cutting-edge technology throughout the manufacturing process. Please share your experience with us – we welcome reviews!

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