Smok Altha Smooth - Wax Pen Vaporizer

SMOK Altha Smooth - Wax Pen


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The SMOK Altha Smooth wax pen vaporizer is a sleek, discreet, and high-performance vaporizer to utilize wax and concentrates. The SMOK Altha Smooth powered by a powerful 1500MAH battery with variable wattage, glass bowl heating element, splash protector, 12-second cut-off safety protection. The SMOK Altha Smooth features a variable wattage setting that allows you to pick a heat level that is right for the material you are loading, the wattage can be set at 25W ( Blue ) 30W ( Orange ), or 35W ( Red )and will be indicated with the LED light according to the settings. The 12-second cut-off feature protects the battery from overheating and conserves the power, it also has Overcharge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, and Low/High Resistance Protection. The battery is charged via Micro-USB port and can be used with any USB wall charger. Expect to get a full spectrum of aroma and the purest vaping experience from the SMOK Altha Smooth, the ideal companion for waxy oil enthusiasts who are always looking to get a pure flavor.

Battery: Upgraded 1500mAh
Variable Wattage: 25W, 30W and 35W
12-second battery safety cut-off
Glass Bowl Wax Atomizer
Pure Taste Full Aroma
High-Temperature Protection
Short-Circuit Protection | Low Voltage Protection 
12S Cut-Off Protection | Low/High Resistance Protection
Charging: Micro-USB Port
Height: 136mm
Diameter: 22mm

What You Get:
1x SMOK Altha Battery
1x SMOK Altha Smooth Atomizer
1x DAB Tool
1x USB Charger
Warranty Card
User Manual

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