Yocan Falcon Vaporizer


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Yocan Falcon Vaporizer

I N C R E D I B L E   6 - I N - 1   V A P O R I Z E R .

The Falcon from Yocan is the most advanced 6-in-1 vaporizer on the market today, which gives you the best vaping experience with its incredible range of functionality. The technology behind the Falcon is advanced compared to other vaporizers on the market. This opens up a whole new perspective in vaping with its special features of 6 ways to use the Falcon. Concentrate or dry herb, design your own vaping experience!

THREE COIL OPTIONS - There are 3 available coil options for the Falcon Vaporizer, allowing you to utilize the device for both dry herb and concentrates.

XTAL Tip (for Concentrate) 

The touch-style coil of the XTAL Tip lets you start vaping almost immediately from your concentrate jar, which means you can enjoy larger amounts of concentrates free from the restriction of a small chamber. It also eliminates the need for extra tools and messy loading. 

QTC Coil (for Concentrate)

The Falcon features a Quartz Tri Coil (QTC), made for giant clouds and hits, perfect for cloud chasers, which is hard to come by.

Pancake Coil (for Dry Herb)

The Falcon also features a Pancake Coil for all your dry herb needs, allowing for better heating and stronger vapor production, striving for the best possible experience.  

VAPORIZER HOLDER WITH BUILT-IN METAL JAR - The Falcon is specially designed with a vaporizer holder, keeping your device safe so you never have to worry about it falling over or off of something. it also packs a magnetic connection, built-in metal jar for all-in-one handling. The Falcon will truly meet all your vaping needs.

10 SECOND PREHEAT FUNCTION (1.8V) - Equipped with a 10 second preheat function, the Falcon allows you to prepare your materials before use with this handy feature. Rapidly click the power button 2 times and the device will enter into preheat mode. To deactivate before the 10 seconds is up, simply press the power button once.

THREE VOLTAGE LEVELS - It is outfitted with a single power button for ease of use and three voltage options to choose from for temperature flexibility. To adjust the voltage levels after switching on the device, press the power button 3 times rapidly until you reach your desired setting. The indicator lights around the power button will show what the voltage setting is; White is 3.2V, Blue is 3.7V, and Green is 4.2V.

1000MAH BATTERY WITH TYPE-C CHARGING - The Falcon is powered by a long-lasting 1000mAh battery that utilizes a convenient Type-C charging method. It will provide a much longer, extended vape sessions between each charge, making it a great choice for those constantly on the move.

CUSTOMIZED DABBER TOOL - The Yocan dabber tool is a multiple function instrument for your dabbing needs. (Caution: Do NOT use at extremely high temperatures)

COMPACT AND PORTABLE - It is compact and discreet for a multifunctional vaporizer at 198mm by 55mm.

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